6 Book recommendations by quotes.

I don't know about you, but I love book quotes. There is so much wisdom in books and sometimes it's nice to just keep these close to your heart as life lessons from mistakes that you never had to make.

So I decided to set up book recommendations on book quotes. If the quote touches your heart, you should know the book will.
1. Redeeming love by Francine Rivers:
This is so true I mean certain things to certain people can just be so big. Some things are harder to do for some people than for others.

We all have struggles, but as this book teaches us, it is better to deal with it than to keep putting it off because we are afraid, hurt or just don't feel strong enough.

I can not stretch how good this book is. There is so much in here you could relate to, I cried so much while I read this ... yes I cried! Every girl/woman should read this.

This book deals with prostitution and a lot of what you will read in here will be heart breaking. But I think we could all learn a lot from …

Where to get a digital copy of Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz

You all have probably read a review about Thrall from the series Daughters of lilith by Jennifer Quintenz (If you haven't read a review of Thrall then you should read mine. Just click here!) or seen the cover page somewhere.

You probably thought to yourself, "Wow I need to get this." And then you searched for it all over the internet, because you are broke or just want to save a tree and you got nothing.

Not to fear, I can help!
So usually I would just search for it on google by typing in the title of the book + PDF. Most of the time you could find the book you are looking for there, but just like all the good books out there, I couldn't find it!

So where can you find this book for free?

Anybooks is a app you can find on play store where you can download a lot of different books.

I have been using this app for about two years and I haven't had a problem since. The nice thing about this app is that you don't have to pay to have a membership like most…

Review of Incubus by Jennifer Quintenz

If you haven't read the first book of the series Thrall, you should read my review of it before you read this one.
Incubus by Jennifer Quintenz is a wonderful fantasy book. In this book the guard discovers that there is an incubus in town. It has been a few hundred years since anyone has seen one and there is basically no information on them as they are so rare.

In the guard’s search for information on the incubus, they discover that there is a way for the incubus to take down the wall between the human- and the lilitu world. Braedyn finds a way to stop the incubus from ever bringing the wall down, but the guard refuses to go through with the plan before they have gathered all the necessary information.

Breadyn is then faced with the decision to obey or disobey the guard’s instructions. She is faced with the fact that not doing the ritual might mean the end of mankind and also the end of her dreams to become human. What will she decide to do?

Incubus was an amazing book and I enjo…

Review of Health tips, myths, abd tricks by Morton E. Tavel, MD

Health tips, myths, and tricks by Morton E. Tavel, MD is a book filled with the advice of a physician. The book is divided in three parts called tips, myths and tricks.

In the first part the writer gives you advice about all kinds of things like weight loss, healthy and unhealthy foods and also some diseases and medication.

In the second part of the book, the writer tells us about some of the myths out there about health issues and cures. It turns out that there are a lot of things people believe to cure them or their symptoms which were stories made up by unauthorized people or which are based on old research that contradicts with new research.

In the third part of the book, the writer warns us to be cautious of those people out there that are trying to trick you into giving them your money for some cure or supplement that would never work. Some of these tricks may even do more damage than anything.

I really liked this book because of how useful it is. This is a must have for anyone …

Review of Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz

If you have read this book, you could read my review of the second book in the series Incubus.

Daughters of Lilith-Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz is a book about demons called “lilitu” and demon hunters who call themselves The Guard.

The main character is a girl called Braedyn who learns all in one day that there are indeed lilitu roaming the earth, that she was adopted and that she herself is a lilitu.

She decides to go against her own kind, because of the terrible things they do to people and join the guard with her dad. Braedyn falls in love with a boy called Lucas who just so happens to be part of The Guard and tries to keep the truth from him.

Braedyn and Lucas are told by the guard to stay away from each other, but will they be able to? Will she give up the only boy she ever really liked? Will he give her up after he finally has someone who understands what he’s going through?

The guard is very cautious of Braedyn and make it clear that they don’t trust her at all. Lilitu bring war…

Review of "Seven at two past five" by Tara Basi.

“Seven at Two Past Five” by Tara Basi is about a woman named Abi, who makes buttons for a living. She has never met anyone. She is faced day by day with the same ritual and that is quite alright with her. She loves her ritual and she loves button making even more. Soon all that changes for her when she stops having Terrors, which is a kind of nightmare she gets every night. Abi is then accused of deliberately not having the Terrors and is told to allow them to return or she will suffer further judgement. She feels that it is unfair that she should be punished for not suffering and therefore decides to have an appeal. After these events Abi meets a few strange characters who accuse her of all sorts of bad things that are absurd.
In order for Abi to tell her side of the story she has to go through a crazy justice system that doesn’t make any sense. Even known she goes through a terrible course it isn’t all bad. These events actually set her on a path to discover who she really is. The …